Why this site?

Why this site? Extract by the last book written by Cavellini “A genius life”:  Fausto Paci has always been and will always be an extraordinary and enthusiastic advocate of my self-historicizing. I named him 1924-2024 cavellinian ambassador. In 2014 he will plan big parties for my centenary; or, in his testament, he will oblige his sons to plan parties in my honor. We had so profound relationships. Today he owns 40-50 of my works: my “going and return” operations. He has diligently framed and hanged them to the walls of his home, following my instructions. He proudly shows them to his visitors.
I am increasingly convinced that in the Italian and international art history we can’t apart from the collector Cavellini’s light periods and then the artist Cavellini. The dual-role character, but only one essentially, that has always taken courageous decisions with dignity, passion and coherence.